Spotify local file downloads but then disappears

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Here's a tip to avoid local files disappearing or becoming unplayable - if A right faff - better off just changing all local files and adding an extra 

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Spotify is available for multiple platforms including Windows, OS X and Linux as well as @myleycitrus @SpotifyStatus I'm having issues playing most of the songs, either downloaded, or stream. All 7 of my playlists are gone. The file was replaced on the hosting server due to some issues with it and spotify is the only 

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6 Jul 2017 Spotify streams more than 30 million songs and has more than 2 billion a setting that lets you see what songs have disappeared from your playlists. buy the songs on iTunes and still play them on Spotify as local files.

Solved: Like many, I'm having issues with my local files in Spotify on my Windows laptop. Go to Settings>Local files and de-select all of the folders Still, as long as it's downloaded on your device you should be able to play it. And they're not missing at random, the list seems to have just stopped  But it only downloads the spotify-songs, not my local ones (while Could you try moving your local files to a new location on your desktop and then But it disappears again if i move it right back (I don't want another location).

Currently if I add a track from Local Files to a Downloaded playlist and then remove it from the playlist, it disappears from Local Files as well,

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Solved: After the most recent update to the Spotify app on my LG V10 every time I perfectly and my entire offline playlist was staying happily downloaded to my It is not the SD card because nothing else is being wiped, and the same error the offline data files to become corrupt so that Spotify did no longer recognize it. Currently if I add a track from Local Files to a Downloaded playlist and then remove it from the playlist, it disappears from Local Files as well, I have about 1600 songs downloaded to my phone. probably once every As in I log into the app and it says "Downloading 1 of 1600" and I